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Hello, I'm an edgy oddball/digital artist/gamer/streamer/hype man/anti-hero/your radicool big daddy. I'm D.R.EX and it's nice to meet you!



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Been awhile my lil' Doomchamps! So...it's the new year, hope everyone's doing well! I come bearing great news: I GOT A HUION KAMVAS 13!!


That's right, after 3yrs of using a Wacom Intuos S, I finally decided to not only go bigger but also try out a pen display tablet for the first time that is also my first Huion model and after a week of use, I hereby deem the Huion Kamvas 13…a DoomRanger Guarantee.

Ngl, after all these years using a normal pen tablet, it took me some time getting used to it, especially the anti-glare screen, which is easy but weird on the eyes and it does feel like paper drawing on it along with smelling like it. I was worried the screen was gonna be too small for my view & hands but it feels so great, especially after reworking a little of my CSP workspace and setting up the buttons! Not only that but the drawing glove is a godsend as it eases my hand, even when it’s against the screen. I also really loving having a stylus holder which makes it easier to store my stylus on a safe place instead of just placing it on a random spot on my desk. Even comes with a lot spare nibs inside, too!

The pen itself felt like more like an actual pen and mechanical pencil compared to the stylus I use with the Intuos S and the grip feels pretty smooth. Been painting & shading so far, especially testing out the pen & pencil tools and everything feels much better & precise than what I’m usually comfortable with on the Intuos S along with being more immersive as though I’m actually painting the drawing. Even using the Lasso Tool feels like a dream now and I can make shapes and fill spaces without being too shaky doing it and my pen strokes are much more accurate and elegant! The 8k pressure sentivity is a fine step up from the Intuos, which was far less than that, which further helps set in the immersion quite well!

Even cooler is that I can watch Wallpaper Engine wallpapers on my left screen to relax me while I watch streams on the other screen as I draw, especially also keeping up with the Discord servers as well!

Only thing is that you have to be sure to calibrate the contrast & brightness and stuff before painting and such. Colors looked different compared to what I see on my monitors but it was no biggie at all, didn't take too long, no pressure.

So, to summarize all that down for ya....GET THE FUCKIN' KAMVAS 13. Even got it for a good discounted price on Amazon for only $220, too!

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